about me

Jake Anderson

college student, designer, video gamer, nerd, programmer, coffee drinker, hoptimist, perfectionist

A business administration major at Oregon State University, graduating in December, 2019. 

I started out by taking photos of friends and family for fun, and decided to turn it into a side career. 

I have 8 biological siblings (6 sisters and 2 brothers).

Born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon.

I love to laugh. 

Along with photography, I love the Adobe Creative Suite, with After Effects being my favorite.

I guarantee to do everything I can to make every photoshoot as enjoyable as possible.

Why photography?

I became fascinated with Photography at the beginning of high school when I used to admire my older sister's passion for photography when working for a professional photography company. I would play around with her Nikon camera until eventually buying my own, a Nikon D7000. 

Soon after starting college, I switched over to Sony with a purchase of a Sony a6000. The quality difference amazed me so much, but I knew there were still better, affordable options, so I bought a Sony a7 and I still use that today. 

One of the many reason why I enjoy photography so much is because I love to capture moments that people can admire in the future. There is beauty in everyone and everything, and I strive to capture that beauty with my shots.